Friday, July 17, 2015

A Great Find

I enjoy looking for vintage linens, lace and sewing related pieces when I am out and about on my travels. Sometimes you find things in the most unlikely places. Sometimes you can tell what part of the country you are in by the type of items in the antique shops.

I was recently in a town on the west side of the Hudson Valley, New York and just browsing through a multi dealer antique shop when in the very corner of one not-so-tidy booth, amongst some everyday linens (tea towels, hankies) I found these cocktail napkins.

These are a Marghab design known as 'Knight' and I purchased them for under $20 for the set of eight. They are all perfect. Stitched beautifully on a fine pale grey linen. I soaked, washed and pressed them and they are now in my linen draw waiting for a party!

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