Sunday, February 8, 2015

National Smocking Month Library Display

My chapter, Thimbleberry in Connecticut, have a display at a local library (Fairfield Woods Branch library in Fairfield) for National Smocking Month.

The cabinet isn't very big, but is full of smocked items (and not just childrens clothing) to show what you can smock. The library has arranged an afternoon for us to share our smocking skills with the public. It is wonderful as the library print flyers, put articles in the local papers and publise the event for us. I hope we get lots of attendees and maybe pick up some new members, but that aside at least we are trying and proving smocking is still something people do and enjoy!

I know many other chapters have displays at their local libraries during National Smocking Month and also plan events to stitch in public. Let me know what your chapter (or just you) have done.
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    1. Thank you Jeannie. The library staff enjoy looking at it as their counter is across from the display cabinet. We get lots of attention -just want lots of people interested in joining us!