Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 Wee Care Gown Trunk Show

The new 2015 Wee Care Gown Trunk Show is in the process of being cataloged, photographed and prepared for a year of bookings with the SAGA chapters across the country.  The show contains 40 gowns, 3 bonnets and 2 blankets which provide a fabulous array of colors, styles, smocking designs and embroidery embellishments.  The show’s purpose is to share and inspire our members.  
The show can be booked by contacting the Wee Care Gown Trunk Show chairman (Linda Patterson) at weecaretrunkshow@smocking.org.     
Booking times are still available in the latter part of the year.   
The cost of booking is $40 with a $30 deposit which is refundable minus return shipping costs.   

The 2015 Wee Care Gown Trunk Show will be donated following the Valley Forge Retreat in October and a new show will be assembled for 2016.

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