Friday, November 14, 2014

Wes visits Thimbleberry

Thimbleberry chapter of SAGA meet the first Tuesday of the month at a church in Fairfield, Connecticut. The November programme is always a Christmas ornament and is lead by a chapter member. So Wes went along to visit the chapter members.

This years ornament was from an old issue of SAGANews (before my time) and was the winner in a SAGA 2000 ornament contest. Barbara Ellis' design, 'Blended Curves', is an intermediate project. What our programme leader, Lisa Hawkes (SAGA President) had not anticipated was that the chart in the magazine was graphed wrongly, so she had to take time to redraw the erronious area for us-wonderful!

But then, working from the directions form the magazine, a couple of other errors were found in the written text, but between us we finally worked it all out and there should be a couple of completed ornaments to see at our next meeting!

The design is very pretty and everyone picked different colours to smock with, but we all agreed a colour photo of the original design would have been a great help!

I encourage you to look back over past issues of SAGANews for projects you can use for chapter programmes. Either thumb through your own copies or visit the SAGA website where many back issues are archived in the Member's Only' area.

And I apologise ahead of time for any errors you might find, but it is all part of the learning curve!
This is my ornament-A work in progress!

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  1. It's fun to see what Chapters are doing at their meetings!