Sunday, November 30, 2014

Smock Along -Bonus Optional Clue:

Add a wave in the middle of the open spaces on rows 2 1/3 and 9 2/3. On row 2/1/3, stitch an up cable up against the bottom of the wave from Clue 4, travel down to row 2 2/3, down cable (I added a bead) travel up to 2 1/3, up cable. Take your thread to the back and cable or outline stitch on the back to the next wave on row 2 1/3.


Stitch a mirror image starting on row 9 2/3, stitch a down cable, travel up to 9 1/3, up cable (I added a bead), travel down to 9 2/3, down cable, take the thread to the back. Continue across the row.


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