Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pentagon Star Ornament

In response to a request on the SAGA Facebook age for the pattern of the star ornaments posted on the Blog a few days ago I am publishing the pattern and directions.

Pentagon Star Ornament     
Draw a pentagon (mine had sides of 8 cm) onto heavy card stock to make your pattern.

Cut two pentagons in fabric and one in light weight iron-on interfacing.

Press the interfacing to the wrong side of one of the pentagons.

With right sides of the fabric together, stitch four of the five sides together with a ¼ inch seam.

Trim the seams to 1/8 inch.

Turn to right side, making sure the corners are out.

Turn the un-finished edge in and press in place.

Top stitch around the pentagon, closing the open seam.

Fold the points of the pentagon into the centre and stitch in place (you could sew a bead here by hand, but I machine stitched them as I was making 25!).

Add a ribbon loop to one point.


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