Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cut Ups to Hang Ups

So, I needed to make several gift items and I wanted them to be unique. What better than make something? So I had a little think and came up with something that would use some of my stash.

I made covers for padded coat hangers from the vintage linens in my stash that were purposed for cut up. These are the linens that have 'issues' such as holes, tears and stains and have either been given to me or purchased at very little cost for just such a purpose-to make something from them. I even had the stash of padded hangers, so even more used from my stash!

I got a little creative as I used the pieces and tried to showcase most of the original design, but I think  they all came out nicely.
Handtowel re-used
For the hand towel (made in Singapore) I just folded it so the main design was on show and the plain fabric above the design became the back of the hanger cover. I seamed the two sides and made an eyelet for the hanger hook at the centre.

Bread Basket Liner
The bread basket liner (another item from Singapore) was a little bit more of a challenge. I cut the main design flap off, along with the opposing plainer flap. Then I made an eyelet for the hanger in the centre of the remaining piece. Hand stitched the piece over the hanger and added the decorated 'flap' to the centre.

Tablecloth reused
The coloured design on a damaged tablecloth made the above hanger cover. I used the full design for the front, and cutting it so the front and back were one piece. An eyelet in the design centred perfectly for the hanger hook! I managed to get three covers like this from the damaged piece.

Place mat
This cover is just a place mat folded in half, Sides stitched on the outside so the finished edge still showed and an eyelet added for the hook. Again the piece is from Singapore (a friend gifted me a collection of linens from her mother who had lived there).

The following three covers are made from pillowcases that had seen better days. I was able to add fabric to make the back of the cover or just fold over the plain fabric and stitch the sides.

  So, this was really another re-purpose, re-cycle, re-use project, but I think it made good use of pieces that might otherwise have been over looked.

I know my stash of cut-ups is now looking more like a mole hill rather than a mountain!

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