Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Special Road Trip

What do you do to make the SAGA Wee Care Chair very happy (besides make Wee Care items for donation to NICU's throughout this country and others)?

Take her to Harney and Sons tea shop in Millerton, New York of course!

Wanda was visiting to teach her silk ribbon embroidered reticule to my chapter, Thimbleberry at their April workshop. I invited her to come a day earlier so that we could make the visit to Harney as she is a big fan of their tea!

Wanda tasting one of the days special brews

 And of course, Wanda left with some special purchases!

A very happy Wanda!

 After the excitement of Harney's we went on to lunch and then stopped off at Kent Falls State Park in Connecticut.

A great day out with perfect spring weather!

(And, yes, Wanda is wearing the embellished jacket featured in the last issue of SAGANews, Volume 37 Issue 1).


  1. It looked like the perfect day for Wanda!! Nothing beats a Tea Party!!

  2. Jeannie, Wanda did have a great day. I was so happy she finally got to visit Harney & Sons.