Monday, March 14, 2016

Wooden Boxes

A good friend recently gave me a wonderful gift-two wooden boxes.

Why was this a wonderful gift? Maybe looking at the photos will tell you!

That is a view of Edinburgh from the castle- it looks very different today!
This is the label in the inside of the Edinburgh box

This view is of Oxford

This is the inside of the smaller box.

This is the side view of the smaller box.
Do you see the small 'portholes' around the sides of the box? Each one corresponds to a thread size and there were six thread sizes, so a spool of each would have been in the box and the ends would be threaded from the inside out through the portholes, ready to use! You can see where the thread spools would have been in the box in the photo before this one.

My friend inherited the boxes from a cousin and had been displaying them in her home until a recent move, when she no longer had the space, so now these boxes will be on display in my sewing room, which is what my friend intended.

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  1. What a treasure! Such a nice friend, who knew you would appreciate and display them.