Saturday, December 12, 2015

Taking Ironing to the Extreme

Do you like to iron?  I mean that weekly wash ironing, not the pressing and ironing needed when making something like a baby gown or christening dress. I am not particularly fond of it myself. It is a necessary chore and I like things to look nice when I wear them so I do it. But did you know there was such a thing as Extreme Ironing?

Now I though my mother was an extreme ironer as she irons everything (I had a cone bra way before Madonna- yes, it was ironed!) but the members of the Extreme Ironing Board (EIB)(yes, I am sure the pun is intended!) really do go that little bit further.

By extreme, I mean climbing mountains with the iron and ironing board and then pressing a shirt or climbing to the top of a cliff or running in a marathon carrying the ironing board and iron? Well, apparently there are people out there who take their ironing to the extreme. It started in England, in 1997, with a man (yes, a lot of men iron) who after a days work at a knitwear factory came home to a pile of ironing and decided that he would take it outside in the garden to do as it was better than just standing inside. The idea caught on and with his friends he formed the EIB and took on the name Steam. The 'sport' of ironing has not looked back.

You can see a whole lot more on the official Facebook page:

or just Google Extreme Ironing

Looking at the photos I think I will just stick to standing in the kitchen and doing my ironing!

(Thanks to my chapter member Jan for the lead to this interesting piece).

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