Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Costuming a Drama for Television

I have been watching a show on Public Television called 'Indian Summers', about British expats in India in 1932, which is on the cusp of change as it fights for independence.

The series is set in India, but filmed in Malaysia and some of the places used were hacked free of vegetation to be brought to life for the series. That in itself is a feat, as the results on the show are beautiful, but what of the costumes? As with any period piece, the costumes are authentic to the times and I was surprised to read that rather than raid the stocks in some film/television costume warehouse, the costumes were especially made for this series.

The costume designer, Nic Ede, took sketches, and everything from the main characters to the extras in the crowd scenes was made in Penang, including the shoes, made by a shoe maker who taught Jimmy Choo! The fabrics were sourced locally too and lengths intended for saris were turned into beautiful dresses for the woman in the series. The men's traditional items, pajamas (yes, that is originally an Indian word) and dhotis were bought in Mumbai, India from shops which are government owned and still loom the textiles today as they did in the 1930's. 

Here is the link to read more about the costumes and the show:


As with any series, it is wonderful to watch, not just the story, but the history, costumes and scenery and especially nice to see warm weather when the chill of winter is approaching here in Connecticut!

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