Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Some vintage finds...

I am lucky enough to live within easy driving distance of the historic town of Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Sturbridge Village is a tourist destination as it replicates life in the 1800’s, with houses, businesses and costumed docents. A popular place for school trips and interesting for adults also.

Outside of the Old Village, the town of Sturbridge has attractions also, such as gift shops, restaurants, a couple of quilt fabric shops and three times a year a huge vintage textile show at a local hotel. The show is held, one day only, on a Monday and marks the start of another, even bigger event in the next town, Brimfield. Brimfield is fields and fields of antiques, bric-a-brac and craft items, along with the food trucks and masses of people buying and selling!

The vintage textile show is held inside the hotel and is much easier to walk around and get to enjoy the eye candy of everything from buttons, lace, clothes from the last century and the ones before; military clothes; denim jeans-you name it you can find someone who has it! But if I am able to go, I tend to look at the booths with the lace, whitework, table linens and such.

And this year I was able to go, along with SAGA President, Lisa Hawkes and we both enjoyed a day of browsing and deciding if we needed to add to our stash or collections! We went to the last show of the year, held in early September and of course, neither of us left without a few, carefully selected, purchases. Even if we didn’t buy too much, just looking at everything is very inspiring and simulating. I came away with some ideas to think about using.

One of the most silliest, but fun items we spotted was a mink coat-for a doll!! Talk about the ultimate in dolly clothes. I don’t know if anyone purchased it…… Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos inside of the event, so I couldn't share that 'find' with you.

So if you are ever in the Sturbridge area in May, July or September check the website for dates of this event and maybe you might be able to attend and add to your stash or collection or just be inspired. 

Vintage Textile Show website : www.vintagefashionandtextileshow.com/

Old Sturbridge Village website:  www.osv.org/

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  1. I had a fabulous day and left with several lovely monogrammed hankies!