Monday, May 11, 2015

Instruction in Smocking

I found this book in great condition in Vintage and Antique Textiles store in Sturbridge,
Massachusetts. It even came with some small smocked samples!

It gives directions on smocking basic stitches with photos and then some more complex patterns you can smock using those stitches.

Just so you know, the book was copyrighted in 1916, but as it was published by Butterick and they are still in business, the copyright is still in effect.

There was also a page torn from another publication 'Home Book of Fashions' from Winter 1914-Easy Smocking for Children's Clothing by Helena Buehler. Helena must have been an avid smocker and writer as she also wrote a booklet called 'Simplified Smocking- The one process method of smocking with a pattern for each design'. A method patented May 30, 1916. I have an original copy of this booklet in my collection, which is how I remembered the name!

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  1. Julie, you always find the most amazing things - thank you for sharing!