Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Whitework Vintage Baby Clothes

My chapter (Thimbleberry) meeting this month was a field trip to a local historical society to see some of their vintage clothing up close and personal.

The Wilton Historical Society in Connecticut recently held a small show of some of the baby items they have received as donations from local families. The items spend most of their time in boxes as there is not the space to permanently display them. The show was very interesting and well presented, but of course, a couple of us who went to view it wanted more time and a chance to touch and examine everything more closely.

So I contacted the society and we arranged to see some of the collection at a private viewing. Joan, a volunteer, meet with us and had the garments all ready on a rack, along with some copies of Peterson's Magazine that contained some interesting embroidery designs, gifts to make as well as stories, features and of course, the wonderful ads for Pears soap, Baking Chocolate and medical remedies!

So with white gloved hands we were able to hold, touch and examine to our hearts content. Some of the gowns were quiet plain, but other had lots of embroidery and pintucks. Of course we had to try and determine whether the work was hand or machine embroidered. I was able to tell Joan how to make that distinction and will share that in another blog post soon! There was a gown that had a crocheted top; one with ric-rac joined to make the bodice; a beautiful embroidered collar and  a couple of hankies, one made from Tererife lace.

So enjoy some of the photos I took and if you need a chapter programme, consider a field trip to a local museum. It may surprise you what they have to see!

Thimbleberry chapter members thank the Wilton Historical Society ( for sharing their treasures with us and to Joan for her time.

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