Friday, March 6, 2015

Wes Wins!

Wes won one of the raffle baskets at the Las Vegas Retreat banquet Saturday night!

Spring fabrics!
He was  so happy to hear his name called and look what a lovely stash of fabric he won. Of course, being a nice bear, he will share it with me! I am already planning what to make (once I can start sewing again).

Thank you to all those who donated baskets. They were all lovely and Wes had a hard time picking which ones to put his tickets into, although those baskets containing chocolate were especially tempting!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Las Vegas Retreat as much as Wes and me. He made lots of new friends and had fun in class. Now is the time to think about the Chicago Retreat in July. The full brochure will be on the SAGA website very soon and registration opens April 1-no joke!


  1. It was great to meet you and Wes in Vegas and I'm glad to hear that Wes is so generous with his winnings. Hope to meet up again at one of the other retreats!
    Lynn in Ottawa

  2. Lynn, it was good to meet you also. I know I will be at the Valley Forge Retreat and so will Wes. He is still sporting his button flower 'tie' from the Vegas banquet.