Monday, January 5, 2015

Teaching Smocking

As well as SAGA I belong to a couple of other needlework organzations; one a large national group that many other smockers belong to Embroiderers Guild of America (EGA) and the other, Friends of Counted Embroidery (FCE) a local group. At a recent FCE meeting I taught smocking. The programme was a smocked wing angel ornament which I was to have taught at the December meeting, but due to bad weather was posponed.

I am not a great teacher, but I am organized and I prepared the kits well in advance. I knew the number of kits required as the ladies sign up ahead of time. I gave them everything they needed to complete the project as I like to think they are going to finish it! I spoke about smocking, demonstrated the stitches (cable and trellis) they were going to use and walked around giving individual help. I also took my Read pleater, threaded it and showed the ladies how it worked. They were fancinated! I took a couple of smocking books, A-Z of Smocking and The Best of AS&E to show them different stitches and designs. I also pointed out that smocking isn't just for children's clothing.

Are they going to get hooked on smocking, some of them might. A couple of the members have smocked in the past so I am hoping to have rekindled their spark, but at least I have reached out and shared something I love and introduced them to something new.

Who are you going to teach to smock in 2015?

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