Saturday, June 21, 2014

SAGA Sewcation Raffle Baskets!

Okay, so the SAGA Sewcation in Orlando, Florida is still three months away, but that time will pass very quickly especially as it is now summer and many of you are now spending time with the children who are off from school, but I thought I would mention one of the wonderful things that happens at convention each year- the raffle!

The raffle takes place at the banquet and is something that every attendee looks forward to. Every day during the convention new baskets have arrived, been set out and admired and tickets placed into the boxes with the hope that at least one winning ticket will have your name on it (Note: remember to bring name labels with you to save time not having to write on each and every ticket).

Carefully choosing that special one!
So where do all these baskets come from? Baskets are donated by chapters; individuals; businesses and groups of friends. They come in all shapes and sizes from gift certificates (great to win especially if you are flying home) to whole doll wardrobes which include the wardrobe! There are sewing supplies; scissors (who can’t use more scissors); fabric (yes, your stash does need more fabric); kits and often a basket with items from Australia and another with items from the UK (no not from me- but that’s the one I want to win!).

Many of the baskets arrive carried by someone attending the convention, but many are also shipped as the chapter or donor is not attending.  Donating a basket is a way to give a little back to SAGA as the proceeds from the ticket sales go to the education fund that provides the SAGA Grants for chapter workshops.  

Baskets and Ticket Boxes
Does your chapter have a theme for its raffle basket? Mine does. We try to come up with something each year that is a little different. Of course, we could make it easy on ourselves and use the theme of the convention as our inspiration, but then several other chapters will most likely have done that. Not that that is a bad thing as every basket, even with the same theme is different, but my chapter like to think a little outside of the event.  Our basket this year is going to be a great one and the theme is… well, it’s to do with sewing, that’s all I am going to tell you!

A Lucky Winner!
So I hope your chapter, or your business or you are thinking of donating a basket this year and I hope that I get to win it as I know it contains something I just must have!

Now here is the important information:

Baskets can be shipped to:
Christine Klingsten

Her contact information will be in the next issue of SAGANews and also posted on the SAGA website (
Baskets should be shipped to arrive no later than Friday, September 12, 2014.
Raffle tickets will be on sale in Hospitality- $1 each or six for $5.

Bring name labels to use to save time writing on all of your tickets (or I can give you some of mine!).

You do not need to be present to win, but it is fun to hear your name called- ask Joan Messinger*!

*Joan is a longtime SAGA member and she always seems to win a basket even if she isn’t actually attending convention and has asked someone to purchase tickets on her behalf!

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