Sunday, September 11, 2011

One month to Convention

Yes, it really is only one month before SAGA National Convention in Anaheim, California! So that means four weeks to get things ready. What things do you need to get ready?

Well, besides the obvious change of clothes and toiliteries, maybe you entered the Design Show and/or Wee Care Contest? So there are you entries to complete.

Then there is your chapter basket. Please include a list of contents and a contact address.

Don't forget to have your kit fees in envelopes ready for the Teachers Angel to collect (cash or cheque made payable to the teacher).

Remember some name and address labels for all of those raffle tickets you are going to buy.

If you have any Wee Care donations, Robin Hart will be displaying them in Hospitaility.

A shopping list for supplies you need to buy at Market on Friday and the money to purchase them with. Shopping bags might be usefull too (I have seen some people with shopping baskets on wheels!).

What about a business type card with your contact details to give to all those new friends you will be making?

Very important items- your basic sewing supplies and any special supplies required for your classes (see the class descriptions in the Convention Brochure). If you are bringing a machine, don't foget the basics such as presser feet, power cords, foot pedal.

Most importantly of all, bring yourself and the love of smocking, heirloom sewing and see you in Anaheim soon.

[If you are unable to take any of these items in person to California, please consult the Convention Brouchure (SAGANews Vol 32 Issue #1) for the mailing addresses for Design Show entries, Wee Care and Chapter baskets].

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